Last April, Joshua Ridley, CEO and David Tregoning, Executive Chairman, spent some time with our team in Manila, meeting with studio managers, project leads and the wider studio group to stress the integral value of Ridley’s presence in the Philippines, sharing the evolving vision for the Manila studio including plans for future expansion.

“Manila is a fundamental part of the Ridley delivery model. Without Manila and what the production the team does here, the model for our business just doesn’t exist. To make it work successfully long term, we’ll need to continue to grow the Manila Studio in all aspects, not just in numbers of people but in quality of the production, the use of the technology, and all aspects of what we do. We have to be the very best at what we do. It is very clear that the decision was the right one, this is a very good platform for the Ridley business going forward.” – David Tregoning