“Our industry won’t look the same in 10 years” – Joshua Ridley, featured at Salesforce World Tour 2017.

Salesforce World Tour saw over 12,000 delegates from across industries descend upon Sydney’s International Convention Centre to immerse themselves in the latest innovations from the cloud computing giant. The conference is part of an international series showcasing a range of developments in the business management, CRM, IT and technology space, including industry thought leaders from a range of fields.

Speakers throughout the day commented on the massive impact new technologies and the Internet of Things is having on business. This included NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance, sharing how Transport for NSW is creating the most customer-centric, innovative, and digitally-enabled transportation system in Australia along with business leaders from Amazon Web services sharing the implications of Cloud computing and AI upon their own business models.

As a featured speaker, Joshua Ridley CEO, spoke about the Ridley journey and the challenges that the business has faced driving change in the architecture and construction industry.

“We are a young organisation that’s looking to challenge an industry that has remained relatively consistent in terms of productivity for the past 50 years”commented Ridley.

“The Construction industry is a 10-trillion dollar industry, and it is one of the most vital parts of the global economy. It’s efficiency and productivity is absolutely pivotal to the world.”

Josh stressed that the Architecture and Construction industry is on the edge of a digital revolution, and won’t be recognisable in just a few years’ time. As a business, Ridley has shaped itself around this belief.

“Ridley is the Digital Design & Construction company, we create and manage Digital Buildings and Digital Infrastructure. We believe that a digitally driven approach to building design, construction and operation will transform our sector. We believe that an Intelligent Built Environment will transform the lives of millions.”

As part of this Digital approach, Ridley has sought to integrate a smarter, end-to-end system for business management, accounting and lead tracking, partnering with Salesforce and supplier Financial Force.

“As a business Ridley has sought to find partners that resonate with our brand at both a philosophical and practical level. We have partnered with Salesforce and Financial Force because they’re a challenger, collaborative in approach and have the enterprise level services to scale with us as we grow. We love the fact that they take an ecosystem approach to services and are excited about the journey ahead with them”