Ridley, has appointed Sallyann Allman as Business Development Director to drive the growth of the business. Sallyann’s appointment comes as part of a strategic growth across Ridley, as the business responds to meet unprecedented levels of demand for new and more innovative solutions in the Australian Infrastructure Market. Sallyann joins Ridley after leading transport business development at Architectural Design Practice HASSELL.

“The significance and scale of Australia’s infrastructure requirement demands a new way of working,” says founder and CEO, Joshua Ridley. “We can now provide smarter delivery methods to the market thanks to the power of digitisation and a raft of technological advancements.”

“We’ve brought Sallyann on board because she possesses a deep understanding of infrastructure projects and will give us the best opportunity to drive change in this pivotal time”.

Ridley delivers architectural and digital services for major infrastructure and building developments. Ridley’s mission is to create ‘intelligent built environments’, to develop a more connected, intelligent and responsive built world, digitising the often slow-to-adopt, manually-driven construction industry.

Prior to joining Ridley, Sallyann held roles in the property, construction and design industries. Her passion for both infrastructure and technology led her to join Ridley.

“Across the board we are seeing an increasing role of technology in buildings and infrastructure. Smarter ways to design and deliver our projects,” said Sallyann.

“At Ridley we see a future where technology is integrated into every step of the project lifecycle. I’m excited to join a dynamic team of architects, project managers and software developers, to help shape the future of the industry”.

Ridley is currently positioning for strategic roles on some of the largest infrastructure projects across Australia, opportunities where the application of new technology will play a central role in the winning strategy and delivery approach.

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