Ridley teams up with Richard Crookes to up-skill workforce in Digital Design and Construction.

New technologies are hitting the construction industry and are demanding an entirely new way of thinking.

Richard Crookes Constructions (RCC), one of Australia’s most recognised family-owned construction companies, has been in operation since the mid-seventies. Their business is built upon long-term relationships with their clients, partners and subcontractors as well as a personalised and direct approach.

RCC have now chosen to embark on an “investigative” journey to evaluate the benefits of implementing and utilising technology within their current service offerings.  The objective being to implement digitally enabled workflows throughout their business to improve efficiency in project delivery and in the tender process.

Ridley’s Digital Enterprise team have been engaged by RCC to develop a training program for their workforce. The primary objective is to educate staff in Digital Design & Construction across all levels of seniority and skill set. The training program has been designed to accommodate experienced contractor team members, the graduate program and regional RCC teams through a tiered learning approach.

Daniel Kalnins, head of Digital Enterprise at Ridley has been personally involved in delivering the workshops directly with the RCC team, commenting:

“This is an amazing opportunity to work hand in hand with a contractor who acknowledges the importance of digital in their day to day work. We have developed a “no frills and no fluff” approach to give RCC practical skills and applicable knowledge that can be used on site today”.

Ridley’s training program focuses on the following key areas:

  • Visualisation
  • Construction Methodology and Logistics Planning
  • 5D Cost Planning and Estimation
  • Construction Programing & 4D Timeline Sequencing
  • Coordination/Clash Detection
  • Contractual BIM
  • Digital Handover

For further information on Digital Enterprise or to enquire about the training program please contact Gareth Stewart, Business Development Manager here.