Digital Engineering: The future of buildings is digital.

We live in a digital age. Everything is intelligent, connected and responsive.


What we’re seeing is a global shift toward digital integration in project delivery, from the earliest phases of master planning through to the operation of completed projects. Examples such as OVG’s “The Edge” building in Amsterdam have set a benchmark for the application of smart technology. We believe that projects such as these are the future for our industry.

Digital lead project delivery brings efficiency to all phases of the project cycle.

The Ridley delivery methodology improves collaboration in the design phases, reduces risk in the construction process and provides an intelligent framework for ongoing facility management.

Our Digital Engineering team drive real project outcomes and will:

Enhance the efficiency in design development, coordination and validation through smart parametric models;

Improve Design quality and resolve clashes and interface issues prior to Construction;

Improve procurement and construction performance through integrated data, 3D enhanced project management practices, and digital engineering processes and technologies.

Establish a digital framework which enables  intelligent, and predictive Facilities Management.

Our services touch every phase of a building's life.

Digital Project Management
Plotting and managing the digital roadmap for your project

Digital Design
Evaluating, demonstrating and reducing conflicts in design and driving innovative digital design processes.

Digital Construction
Using the digital model to coordinate and accurately construct the documented model.

Digital Operations and Analytics
Implement a strategic operational-ready model linked to maintenance and monitoring systems.


Ridley has a strong portfolio of complex commercial developments that include retail, transport and civic space integration.


Daniel Kalnins
Head of Digital Enterprise

Ian Siegel
Digital Enterprise Lead, Northeast