Labs: Making the impossible, possible.

We’re living in a unique period in history – on the edge of a technological revolution that will transform the way we work, interact and communicate.


Health tech, transport, homes, buildings and cities will soon become part of one interconnected, intelligent ecosystem.

While many other industries have undergone seismic changes over the last few decades, the world of architecture and construction has been criticised for being slow to adopt new technology.

What will be the impact of this wave of change for the construction and architecture industry? Who will be the leaders, winners and losers, when physical and digital worlds collide?

LABS was created to find the answers to these questions.

What is Labs?

User testing in-field to understand the problems our clients face and opportunities for innovation.

Melting Pot
Labs is a team of big thinkers from all backgrounds and disciplines – architects, engineers, software developers and designers – to bring a complete perspective to each solution.

Our Labs team are partnering with Flux in San Francisco, Spacefactory in New York, Media Lab at MIT and other leading groups across the world to uncover, develop and release new industry innovations.

One of the products/services that Labs has created is RidleyX, a platform to enable our partners to access services, software and hardware through “the cloud”.

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Business Development Director

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Head of Digital Enterprise