Turning Sandstone into Data: Advanced Digitization of Heritage Buildings

This year, the Sydney Build Conference featured a dedicated Digital Construction programme, bringing together over five hundred digital construction and BIM professionals including keynote speakers such as the City of Sydney, John Holland Group and the University of Technology Sydney. The dedicated digital summit signals the emergence of Digital Construction as a category, bringing together thought leaders from across the buildings and infrastructure sectors for the two-day programme.

Daniel Kalnins, Associate Principal and Digital Enterprise Leader at Ridley, presented a unique case study on “Advanced Digitization of Heritage Building Design”. Daniel showcased Ridley’s use of digital technologies to transform two Heritage buildings, each over 150 years old into functioning digital models. This process has translated the unique and imperfect elements of these two incredible buildings into a comprehensive documentation model that will now be utilised from the design phase through to building operations. This example, whilst unique in many ways, reflects a broader trend toward the digitization of physical assets.

Key topics covered in the talk included:
• Combining Laser Scans, Mobile Mapping, Drones and Precinct City Model
• Integration of simple Google Forms data to early 3D models
• Changing the face of Heritage Building Design
• Design Review workflows through Virtual Reality
• Integration into Construction data requirements

At Ridley we are working hard to develop workflows that will enable developers to generate, capture and manage important building data across all stages of the project lifecycle.
For further information on this case study and to hear more about our Digital Enterprise Team, please contact Daniel here.

Ray Singh, Project Coordinator at Ridley, walking staff through the Sandstones Precinct using Virtual Reality technology.